April 26, 2011

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Dramatic changes in the economic landscape across the United States are altering the civic life in many communities. Political leaders are struggling to manage severe budget shortfalls. Nonprofit organizations face the same severe downward pressure on their budgets. Meeting these challenges will not be easy.

One fact is clear. The current trajectory of our civic life is unsustainable. The cost structure so far government and nonprofit organizations cannot be supported over the long-term. To meet the challenges ahead, we will need to accelerate civic innovation through collaboration.

Civic leaders in communities and regions across the country are experimenting with a new approach to meet these challenges. Strategic doing accelerates the development of practical collaborations capable of taking on the complex challenges of today’s economy. Civic leaders in Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have turned to strategic doing as a framework to build and manage these civic collaborations.

-Linda Fowler, Founder & CEO