Company Profile

What We Do

Regionerate LLC facilitates and supports networks for innovating regions by integrating assets, knowledge, and funding to address strategic challenges and opportunities

Company History

Regionerate is a woman-owned firm founded in March of 2009. Regionerate partners with other firms and universities to provide products and services to support economic development, with a particular focus on partnerships with federal and state government and regional innovation.

Regionerate specializes in asset mapping and strategy development and execution to expand regional capacity and to facilitate community networks and clusters to accelerate regional competitiveness. Regionerate has been a contractor to federal government agencies, including the Department of Labor and the Department of Commerce.

Since founding Regionerate, Linda Fowler has led the development and deployment of “strategic doing”, a strategy discipline designed for loosely joined networks and clusters. Initially developed by Ed Morrison at the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD), strategic doing provides the agile strategy framework to identify collaboration opportunities quickly. PCRD has contracted with Regionerate to support its work in strategic doing and to develop new tools and teaching materials to support this discipline.

More on Linda

Linda Fowler lives with her husband Dan in Bethesda, Maryland. She is the busy mother of three.